Standard Terms and Conditions


  1. The call out fee as provided on the website is payable unless cancelled with a minimum of 3 hours notice.
  2. In the event that the customer does not wish to follow the solution offered, the customer agrees to pay Shield Secure for the time spent on providing the solution.
  3. Quotations are only valid for 7 days. ​
  4. All quotations are subject to availability of goods and services.
  5. Signature of the quotation by the client implies that the client has accepted the quotation and authorised Shield Secure to proceed with the work.
  6. No work will commence without the deposit being paid, if a deposit is applicable.
  7. All parts purchased will remain the property of Shield Secure until fully paid.
  8. The price on the website is only a call out fee, the actual fee will be determined by the nature of the problem and what products need to be bought in order for the problem to be fixed. A quotation will be provided to the customer, once the problem has been diagnosed, which the customer is required to accept by signing the quotation before any repair or work is conducted.
  9. Shield Secure shall not be liable for any damage to the customers equipment, including but not limited to loss or theft, direct and or indirect damage to the equipment, lost or corrupted data, or any other liabilities related to the service provided by Shield Secure. Shield Secure is not liable for any consequential damages whatsoever.
  10. The Customer gives Shield Secure full access and permission to deal with their equipment, whether it is a pc, network, Laptops, Cell phones etc. Shield Secure is not liable for any software loss.
  11. Shield Secure abides by its Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure undertaking which is available for inspection on its website.
  12. All Customers should ensure they have backed up all their data as Shield Secure takes no responsibility for any data loss. In the event the customer has not backed up his data, the customer should bring this to the attention of Shield Secure, who will with best endeavours without taking any liability for the data, backup the data before any work commences.